Sunday, 28 December 2014

National Lampoon: Loaded Weapon

Dir: Gene Quintano (Quentin Tarantino in disguise)
Starring: Emilio Estevez, Samuel L Jackson, Kathy Ireland

Narry Borman has always been intrigued by what impels some films to legendary status, and others to the VHS bargain bins of defunct Blockbuster stores. Is it marketing? The reviews of a few key critics, such as myself? Or is it the quality of the film itself?

It's certainly not the last option. Among countless other overlooked film classics is Loaded Weapon. The National Lampoon's series isn't very consistent, but this is by far the best in my book. Esteves is perfect as the cop with a troubled past and his "butt shimmering in the moonlight", and Samuel L is... well, Samuel L. Nuff said.

In the spoof genre, you expect at least 20% of the jokes to fall completely flat. Loaded Weapon sets the bar quite high as only 18% of the jokes fall flat. The other 92% are pure gold. In fact, it clearly influenced a lot of other later comedy classics, such as Austin Powers, The Other Guys and erm... others.

Next time you want a belly laugh or two after a night out, check National Lampoons Loaded Weapon.

Rating: Staggering Genius

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