Thursday, 18 December 2014

Eagle Vs. Shark

The line above, and Jemaine's pitiful excuse
for dumping Loren ("I'm too complex") remind
NB of a young NB
Dir: Taika Wai-titty
Starring: Jemaine Clement, Loren Horsely

Eagle Vs. Shark answers the question everyone's been asking; What would happen if Napoleon Dynamite had been born in New Zealand? Basically, he'd be really good at retro video games, and would go on a revenge mission which ultimately leads him to his true love.

The similarities between this and ND are too many too mention; there's even a heavy reliance on nun-chuks for one of the best gags! To be fair, it also has the same charm as ND, albeit with an NZ accent.

Taika - who directs a lot of the flight of the conchords episodes - cleverly adds some imagination to the painfully dull lives of the protagonists with some colorful set design and amusing animated interludes.

Some good moments and quotable lines, but it's kind of incoherent, and ends up just being a bit of fun... and there's nothing wrong with that.

Rating: Good

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