Sunday, 14 December 2014

Marvin Sarkar's My Movie

Marvin Sarkar's My Movie is possibly the work of "Apostates"
Dir: Marvin Sarkar
Starring: Marvin Sarkar, Random Singing Lady

When Marvin Sarkar, darling of Bollywood, comes out with a new flick, the world stops to watch. Fortunately, "Marvin Sarkar's My Movie" is only 35 seconds long, so things quickly go back to normal. Just to be clear, by "The World", Narry Borman is referring to himself. And by "Bollywood", NB is referring to "Vivian Sarkar".

Controversially, Marvin Sarkar, or "Merv", as he likes to be called, has set the film in his very own bedroom, like some kind of low-budget DFS advert. This controversial choice pays off, though, as NB was simply blown away by the fabulous decor and furnishings.

In terms of production, "My Movie" combines the minimalism of Yasujiro Ozu with the in-your-face acting of a Steven Seagull epic. It even stretches out toward the kind of deeper significance of a Kubrick film - the world-weary face of the protagonist, with his sleep-deprived eyes and the stubble of someone who has been on the dole too long, seemingly representing the spiritual malaise of the common man.

And, in fact, My Movie seems to be nothing if not a swipe at the kind of purity and spiritual heights to which the main character will never attain, despite his best efforts. So, what is the purpose of this film? Is it to dissuade us from trying to better ourselves? If so, it begs the question, is Marvin Sarkar actually The Antichrist? I'm not saying he is The Antichrist, but the answer to the last question would appear to be 'Yes'.

Rating: Rating pending*

*Rating is to be decided by a judicial committee

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  1. My movie had a lot of potential and could quite possibly have been the greatest movie of all time.
    It was however hijacked by the corporate money making fat cats that provided me with the funds to make the movie happen (always read the small print kids) They insisted on bringing in a big name to direct it and of course he had his own self promoting agenda.

    That was just the start of a number of bad decisions that lead to the final kick in the nuts,a bad review from NB.

    They promised the world and delivered Jack!! I was powerless when they decided to replace my co stars with CGI. They forced me to do my own stunts (Me with my bad hip too) and what made me maddest of all, some would say "madder then a wet hen", at the last minute they decided not to do the filming on set, in the Bahamas but rather in a studio..... in front of a bloody green screen.

    I had an award winning book a best seller to work from, but I quickly realised it wasn't going to plan.

    In an effort to try and gain some self respect aka "cash in" or "bleed this sucker dry" I signed some huge sponsorship deals(similar to what the did in the 80's film Mac and Me) Thats why in every scene I wear a CocaCola baseball cap while I bite into a Big Mac and say "mmmm i'm loving it". NB please forgive me