Tuesday, 12 January 2016


Sub actor Frang Rigowski (right) steals the show
Dir: Seb Chipper
Starring: Laia Costa, Frederick Lau

Two things we all know already: this film was (quite incredibly) shot in a single take; Nihls Frahm and DJ Koze provide the music.

Take away those two things, and you've got a decent film that starts well, gets dull, then ends a bit too stereotypically for NB's liking.

The first 30 minutes are great at capturing the (ahem) zeitgeist: in da club, lonely, but having fun, meet some people, get caught up in some craziness, etc. Then, in typical Chipper style, it all gets a bit lost, like the film isn't sure what it wants to be.

I was left feeling a bit bored by the end. Plus I didn't like the actress much.

Rating: Good

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