Saturday, 16 January 2016

Happy Go Lucky / Laura / All or Nothing

Dir: Mike Leigh
Starring: Sally Hawkins

Not as trite as it first appears to be (when has Mike Leigh ever been trite?!). Sally's performance keeps a great balance between positive thinking and deeper-rooted sadness, and Eddie Marsen'is unnerving as the driving instructor.

Typically ML, everything blows up in your face just at the right moment.

Rating: Good

Dir: Mike Leigh
Starring: Timmy Spall

NB's not too sure if this just too grim to really be enjoyable. Tubby James Corden eats beans on the sofa while watching TV all day. The family's divided. Everything's pointless.

Neighbours live similar lives, but some with better perspectives.

Typically ML, everything blows up in your face just at the right moment (did I say that already?).

Rating: Good

Dir: Otto Von Pringlemaker
Starring: Gene Tierney... and some other people

This tasty little film noir plays all its cards just right: a murder, a complex plot, a beautiful dame (do dames come any more beautiful than Genie T? An extra picture just to be sure), and a cop on the trail of all the loose ends.

Sure, the script hasn't aged too well, but it's "of it's time," and all the better for it, because Laura will transport you back to the 40's, highballs, gats, whaddyaknows, trillbies and all.

Rating: Great

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