Thursday, 28 January 2016

The Big Short

Looking good, Batman
Dir: Adam McKay
Starring: Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling

Narry Borman saw the great housing crisis of 2007 coming from a mile away, and put all of his stock into Findus Crispy Fingers. NB has literally thousands of boxes of them stacked up in his garage, but he knows, one day, they'll all come crawling back, begging for those crispy delights.

Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, and Steve Carrel (among others) also saw it coming, and wisely chose to 'bet' against the market, which meant that when it crashed, they got rich.

Even after watching The Big Short, I'm still not exactly sure how. What I do know is that the financial system is a house of cards, and that it's being rebuilt again. What fools! After the next big crash, Findus will be the next currency, Findus!!

Christian Bale steals the show, as always, although he's looking a bit buff for a banker (showing him doing some press-ups does not explain that level of buffness, Mr. McKay). The others are great too, although, as Mark Commode said, "a bit wiggy."

The two things I didn't like about this film were: annoying cut scenes where celebrities 'hilariously' explained complex financial terms; and the over-use of blue language. Both of these detract from a film that is otherwise stylishly made (almost no soundtrack, btw, which makes it all the more 'real') and well edited.

Rating: Good

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