Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Tokyo Drifter

Dir: Seijun Suzuki
Starring: Tetsuya Watari

This is the first of Suzuki's works that NB has seen, so he went into with high hopes based on the reputation of SS.

While some of Tokyo Drifter is made supremely well, the use of color and the stark sets, in particular, there are moments that leave you wondering whether Suzuki was skillful or just lucky. The editing, for example, is really choppy; there's a bizarre car chase that come from nowhere and ends just the same. Narry does not need to be spoon fed, nor does he need everything to be neatly tied up, but this kind of editing seems to be of no benefit stylistically or otherwise.

On the other hand, Tokyo Drifter has a sharp script, some cool characters, and presents a side to the Yakuza life (the dutiful, samurai-esque spirit) that is often overlooked in film. Not that Tokyo Drifter presents mobsters in a good light; rather, the conclusion is that the only choice is to get out of such a lifestyle. As difficult as the protagonist (Tetsu) finds that to do.

Big thumbs up for the strange obsession with hair dryers in this film! Narry B, of course, uses a Blastmaster 3000. It's the only haridryer than can keep his quiff up all day.

Rating: Good, maybe very good

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