Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Raw Deal

Dir: Anthony Mann
Starring: Dennis o Keefe, Raymond Burr

Narry Borman quite enjoyed this film... in fact, he likes anything raw, including sushi, lions, and Sir Henry at RAWlinson End.

Dennis O' Keefe plays a feller that the ladies can't seem to get enough of. But he's trapped in prison, the various gals of his life help him break free with some double-crossing assistance from the always awesome Raymond Burr.

The gripping story of the get-away is used as a backdrop to the more subtle story of which lass Dennis will choose. The steady and stable girl who's loved him for years, or the new girl on the scene... will he trade in his shot at permanence for a few moments of glory? Will Perry Mason kill him before he can do anything about it? It's all so tense!!

Rating: Very good

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