Monday, 14 December 2015

National Lampoon's European Vacation / Snowpiercer / Nightcrawler

Title:National Lampoon's European Vacation
Dir: Amy who-the-Heckerling Cares
Starring: Chevy Chase

Comment: Really bad. Recommended to me by the same putz that recommended National Lampoon's Vacation, which was equally bad,

Rating: Balls

Title: Snowpiercer
Dir: Bong Joon Who Cares
Starring: Jamie Balls, Ian McKellen

Comment: Really bad. Needlessly violent, ham-fisted attempt at an action film with depth.

Rating: Stinker

Title: Nightcrawler
Dir: Dan Gilroy, that's who cares
Starring: Jake Gyllenhal

Comment: Taking footage of awful crimes and selling it? Isn't that a crime in itself? This films asks the questions, you provide the answers. Ee-or!

Rating: Good

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