Thursday, 25 September 2014

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Dir: Richard Brooks
Starring: Elizabeth Taylor the 2nd, Paul New Man

My word, ol' Tenner C. Williams had some issues. Why so intense, Tenor Sea? Is the Deep South really so full of drunks, alcoholics and palliative addicts? Is Kentucky such a hotbed of broken dreams, unachieved fantasies and disappointed visions? If so, maybe Narry B would find some kindred spirits there.

As Cat is adapted from a stage play, the script can be analyzed more deeply than most film scripts. And, indeed, the dialog is loaded with imagery and symbolism. Paul Newman's crutch, being the most obvious one (a little too obvious in NB's inflated opinion).

So, yes, there are powerful messages to be taken from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof: primarily, don't put yer cat on a hot tin roof. It'll burn its little paws, see? But also, pretending to be happy doesn't mean yer really happy. And, from Paul Newman, who struggles to become a new man (see what I did there?), we learn that life goes wrong sometimes, but you have to forgive yourself and try harder.

What a darling of a film!

Rating: Mendacity!

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