Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Captain America: The Winter Shoulder

Dir: Russos
Starring: Chris Evans, Samuel Al Jackson, Scarlet Johnson

Here, "Captain America" bullies a little guy of "unknown ethnicity"...
There's a metaphor in there somewhere.
I'm just not smart enough to know where because Hollywood
has dulled my mind too much! (Double satire!)
As we all know, America rocks the world. And who rocks America? Captain America, that's who.

From the moment Chris Evans strides onto the camera, with his beach-buffed body proudly hidden under a t-shirt three sizes too small, you know that this is not going to be the same character from the previous CA film, who, in comparison, was complex and, yes, even likable.

The next two hours of your life will be spent watching Captain America punching various things. That's not to say there isn't variety. Sometimes Scarlet Johnson kicks various things.

Two good points: The story at least hints (in a half-baked fashion) at the kind of overarching global conspiracy theories of, for example, Metal Gear (which it also shamelessly imitates in the opening scene). The second good thing is that The Winter Shoulder himself is (at first, at least) an intriguing villain. Also, Stan Lee's cameo is as dreadful as ever.

Rating: Bad


  1. I have never watched Captain America, nor do I wish to.... especially after your rather succinct review. However I am interested in finding out if Captain America works along with the likes of Admiral America ,Field marshal America,Lieutenant general America and Commander Lieutenant colonel Wing commander America.

    Is this made clear in the film?

  2. No, I'm afraid it doesn't specify whether he is in cahoots with Admiral America, et al. However, the film does feature Team America quite prominently throughout. Flip Yeah!