Thursday, 4 September 2014

A Serious Man

Dir: Coen bros.
Starring: Michael Stuhlbarg, Fred Melamed

Is Narry B. a serious man, would you say? Or is he frittering away his life writing reviews under a stupid pseudonym, and creating blogs about guitars dressed in suits that no one reads? You decide.

Michael Stuhlbarg asked himself the same question. Had he been using his life for something worthwhile? Was he worthy of being called 'man'?

Much like Job, when faced with an existential disaster, he has three comforters  - in the form rabbits. I means, 'rabbis'. Each rabbi presents a different perspective on Michael's problems. And his problems are quite perplexing - a bizarre divorce (with Fred Melamed putting in a great performance as the sympathetic home wrecker), accusations of bribery at work, and a brother who won't leave his house.

A Serious Man is a deep, highly allegorical film from the Coen bros., but it's also a comedy with some clever and bizarre moments of humour.

Rating: Top Work

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