Monday, 8 June 2009


Dir: Clayton Jacobson
Starring: Shayne Jacobson, Eve von Bibra
Year: 2006

I'm not a big fan of allegory, but if NB were to interpret this film then Kenny would be some kind of religious figurehead, and urine and turds would be human society; namely, you and me.

Yes, Kenny is about as pure and decent as humans can hope to be. Eternally patient (until the whole 'poo in a car' incident), optimistic, and hard-working.

The fact that Kenny works hard with human waste makes no difference to him, although it does bother people around him, including his father, brother, and even his customers. The quality of Kenny's character shines through all that, and that's what makes him a modern hero in cinema.

Kenny takes toilet humour to the next level. It's hard to say if this is even toilet humour - it's more like toilet humour laughing at us.

Narry B has watched Kenny and The Castle in one week: if other Australian films are as good then Oz is the hidden gem of cinema (or is it all Home and Away: the TV Special after this?).

Mockumentary makers should take note: This is how to do it.

Rating: Top Work!

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