Sunday, 28 June 2009


Dir: Jason Reitman
Starring: Michael Cera, Ellen Page

I'm sure teenage girls love this film, but Narry B is not a teenage girl. Y'see, Juno talks in that 'witty' and 'clever' style of so many over-educated, over-confident young laydeez that makes you cringe when you hear it. She's trying way too hard.

That was NB's main gripe. The seoncd gripe was the 'oh-so-out there' music and pop culture references. I like manga! I like Iggy Pop! I like b-movies! Love meeee!

And my final gripe is that it seemed to stifle the comedy talents of Arrested Development's Michael Cera and Jason Bateman. I wanted to see more humour from them. Ol' J.K was really good as her father, though.

That aside, it's a well made, likable (for a certain teenage demograpic) movie. Plus, Juno and Michael Cera's relationship leaves us on a good note. And there are some funny moments, such as the dad asking what you can make with a Pilates machine.

Finally, Juno has a strong moral lesson: You can always give your baby up for adoption... Ech.

Rating: Average!

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