Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The Castle

Dir: Rob Sitch
Starring: Michael Caton, Eric Bana
Year: 1997

This is what movies are all about. Narry B likes to feel good, he likes to laugh, and he likes to think that the little man can still take on the big boys. The Castle ticks all the right boxes.

Amazingly, this film was made on a shoestring budget - I thought the cheapness of the image was intentional (it looks like a 1980's soap opera). But it wouldn't have mattered if it had no budget, cos the strength of the story and the characters is outstanding.

The main man is my boy Michael Caton who plays Daryl, the unceasingly optimistic dad of a family of rural Australians. Their home is near pylons, an airport's runway, and is built on dangerous materials, but they love it.

The Castle has a bizarre sense of humour - Eric Bana's eloquence being the highlight for moi. Plus it has some of the intentionally worst haircuts and worst trousers in cinema history.

Rating: Top Work!

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