Saturday, 25 April 2009

THX 1138

Dir: George Lucas
Starring: Robert Duvall, Donald Pleasance, Assorted bald men and women
Year: 1971

I love sci-fi. Good sci-fi. Occasionally. This isn't your average 'Monkeys are running our planet' sci-fi, though. THX 1138 is a fairly believable look at the future that asks some pretty deep questions - the answers come from some bald people.

I couldn't believe this was made in 1971. It looks stunning. Which is probably why it has been so influential - mainly on Daft Punk, judging by their robot visages and the aesthetics of their film Electroma. Still, Lucas somehow messed it up by adding some ropey CGI in 2004's Director's Cut edition. Aside from that, it's a visual and aural feast.

Lalo's score is excellent. Understated, but powerful.

I like films that don't spoon feed you. THX doesn't answer every question, nor does it tell you why certain things are happening. But the ending leaves you feeling satisfied because it's a well made and interesting film.

Nice one, Lucas!

Rating: Top Work!

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