Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Drillbit Taylor

Dir: Steven Brill
Starring: Owen Wilson and thee annoying kids
Year: 2008

I normally start my reviews with a lengthy story that is sometimes not even connected to the film, but for Drillbit Taylor I'll get straight to the point: it's unbelievably bad.

Owen Wilson is a funny guy, he's got funny in his bones. But he's used sparingly in Drillbit, and the lead roles actually go to three of the most annoying and unlikable young actors in cinema history. Not a good basis for a film. Not one of them can do comedy, and it actually just leaves you feeling a bit awkward.

There are three of my most hated cliches in this film:

1. Random violence is funny
2. Asian girls are desperate
3. There are rules to being cool in high school

Whoever wrote this script should stop. Just stop! Get another job where your cliches don't disturb Narry Borman, for he rejects your film from the pages of cinema history.


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