Friday, 19 February 2016

Secrets in Their Eyes / El Secreto en Sus Ojos

Dir: Juan Jose Campanella
Starring: Ricardo Darin, Soledad Vilamil

You've gotta love a bit of Darin. He's a cool chap and a good actor. He worked extensively with Campanella, and Secrets is one of their most well-reputed works. And NB has to admit he was impressed. The core story is a bit raw, but it pulls off that mystery thriller vibe with great plumpness.

There are few strange directions; the character of the drunk Sandoval is a bit inconsistent, and the final scene is unnecessarily uplifting. But otherwise its a solid film that pulls off multiple jumps in time with great plumpness, and that clearly had some influence of True Detective in terms of tone.

Rating: Good

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