Thursday, 11 February 2016

Bleak Moments

Dir: Mike Leigh
Starring: Anne Raitt, Eric Allan

Ohh, this is so bleak. I love it! It takes 45 minutes to get going, and the sound quality is atrocious, but once things really kick off, it's hard to look away from Bleak Moments. It's a story of disappointment, frustration, small joys (mainly dry sherry) and daily life.

One of the key scenes is in a Chinese restaurant where a couple who are on a date are being constantly watched by the only other feller in there. The conversation is stilted, the food looks bad, and it's all just... well... bleak. Another amazing scene involves the uptight boyfriend asking his girlfriend if she prefers television or radio. It's cringeworthy enough to make you shudder.

If you know how to enjoy bleak misery, this is a masterpiece!

Rating: Great

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