Thursday, 8 October 2015


Dir: Francis Lawrence
Starring: Bill Smith

They asked Narry Borman to star in this instead of Bill, but NB insisted they change the title to "Narry Borman is a Ledge." The Hollywood fat cats refused, so they got the Fresh Prince instead. Fools.

Not since he watched Alien has Narry B been so gripped to his seat. Like Alien, it's the lack of action and the expectation in I Am Legend that causes the tension. Director Francis Lawrence works this tension magically. This tension is helped along by the complete lack of a soundtrack (other than the occasional bit of Bob Marley... when will America learn that there are other Jamaican musicians?! Someone give Horace Andy or Burning Spear (see Leon) a spin, please!), and the atmospheric lighting.

Equally, not since The Never Ending Story has NB been so gripped by a human-animal relationship. The moment where (SPOILER) Sam dies is genuinely touching.

The only weak point here is the poor CGI... the digital lions look almost intentionally digital, like a digital lion has escaped from a computer, which isn't scary at all. The infected humanoids are also on the comical side... why a virus would give them extraordinarily loud voices, I'm not sure.

A few more notes on this film: There's a subtly placed advert for Batman Vs. Superman, and this was way back in 2007; There's one scene that has a ridiculous number of extras; There's a pointless shot of Will Smith exercising.

Rating: Top Work

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