Thursday, 7 June 2012

Chronicle (Dodge E. Camembert Review)

Dir: Josh Trank Starring: Dane DeHaan, Michael B.Jordan, Michael Kelly, Alex Russell

Ever since Blair Witch, it seems every aspiring film maker and and his dodgy tripod has tried to mask poor technique and insufficient budget with a shaky home-recorded style. 

It’s enough to make Dodge bring up the previous night’s cheese board. Which, during 2008‘s Cloverfield, is precisely what happened. Semi-digested Brie de Meaux all over the couple sat in front. Now that was a horror from above those poor saplings weren’t expecting to see.

Chronicle is another found footage film, but it’s actually rather good. Said footage is here assembled from numerous sources - hand-held camera, smartphone, police footage, camcorder suspended in the air by immense telekinetic powers.

Ah yes, the premise. It’s about three American teens who stumble across mind (and world) bending powers. It’s a kind of ‘what would really happen if you had super powers?’ sort of film. I mean, if you had the power to control people’s minds like that bad dude from The Avengers, would you tell that sprout-headed archer feller to attack a bunch of demi-gods, or would you convince Scarlett Johansson to marry you?

Anyway, Chronicle succeeds through its three likable leads, as well as the finest learning-to-fly sequence ever. The editing is a little heavy-handed at times, which means it’s that rare film where I’m actually looking forward to seeing the director’s cut. But overall, it’s the best found footage/superhero/buddy movie Dodge has seen for quite some time.

Rating: Genius


  1. Narry is intrigued! Where can one see this film? Must one sojourn down to the local cinemaplex? Or is it available on Laserdisc or VHS or some other format?

  2. I believe it can be seen on one of those brand new digital versatile discs. - Dodge