Saturday, 9 June 2012

Chronicle (Borman Review)

Dir: Josh Trank
Starring: Dane DeHaan, Michael B. Jorden

Narry B was inspired to watch this film after reading Dodge Review.

The found footgae element of this film works well, as Dodge pointed out. What he didn't point out was how much the film trails off for the last half.

It starts as a fun and realistic tale of super-powered teens. But during the trashy America high school party scene, something changes direction... it becomes about kid who can't make fun of himself and eventually loses all his friends. It's very petty.

It also owes a serious debt to Akira - everything from the plot, to the intervention of armed forces, to the mind-bending powers, and even the closing scenes of the protagonist totally losing it... all of this is lifted from Akira.

Having said that, it is a fun and short film. And the flying scenes are incredible.

Word up for the final scene itself - the worst bit of CGI  I've seen in many years. "Hey mom! I'm (infrontofapostcard) in Tibet!"

Rating: Top Work!


  1. You're spot on with the Akira reference, Nazzy B. But I liked that! I also quite liked the whole escalation thing, seeing how a seemingly nice lad can go a bit doolally given the means and the motivation.

    Yup, the first half of the film is better than the second half, and the ending's cheesier than the contents of my gut. Still, it's all better than The Avengers!

  2. Hazzah to that, Dodge, again I say, Hazzah!