Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Punchdrunk Love

Dir: Paul Thomas Anderson
Starring: Adam Sandler

PTA made my most hated movie of all time (I'll leave y'all to guess which one). It seems, however, that he can produce some magic.

What happens when a normal, albeit lonely, dude reaches the pits of despair and meets one helluva lady at the same time? Punchdrunk Love, my friends, is what happens. Somehow, the protagonist in this film manages to take things quite far but keeps it real at the same time. It's a thin line between passion and obsession.

Something just clicked for the NB with this film. Maybe the lead character reminded him worryingly of himself (at least the late 17th century Narry B, anyway), or maybe it was just that this is a moving story told with a nice touch of comedy and a great soundtrack.

It's not going to be everyone's cup of tea, and there were a few overtly 'indie' touches that seemed a bit contrived, but I'd say Punchdrunk Love is...



  1. Magnolia? It has to be Magnolia - it's dull and it has Tom Cruise in it.

  2. I too would have thought Magnolia. Never seen it but it has Tiny Tom Cruise so case closed.

    As for Punchdrunk Love. It is slow paced but its borderline surrealism keeps you hooked throughout. Plus it has the Olive Oyl track from the Popeye movie.

    p.s. I wish I had a harmonium.

  3. Eyyyy! Welcome back, Mr. Barleycorn!

    I was never too sure about the meaning of the harmonium in this film. Did it have some hidden significance? If so, it was well beyond Narry B who just appreciated it as a funny aside.