Friday, 25 September 2009

Before Sunrise

Dir: Richard Linklater
Starring: Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy
Year: 1995

"When I was a child I always figured I would grow old"... It's so DEEP! What a load of tosh. This film is full of it. Two 'independent' twenty-somethinks fall in love on a train and talk about their so-real 'innermost' thoughts and feelings. Lighten up! Or if you do insist on talking and thinking deeply and seriously all the time make sure it's about something worthwhile.

Slow, painfully contrived, and lacking in magnetism. The real issue is: why did Narry B waste his time watching it?



  1. Because it's got Julie Delpy in it?

  2. Nah, she seems more like your cup of tea, Dodge - you know, sophiscated, a wee bit chubby round the thighs, and French. Narry B prefers an altogether rougher kind of woman... like Catherine the Great, or Joan of Arc.
    One thing I did respect about this film was that neither of the leads were trim - this was made before the days when every leading person had to have 'tight abs' and 'powerful glutes'.

  3. I'd just like to restate my loathing for this series of films.

  4. Narry B would once more like to regurgitate his distaste for this film, although he is toying with the idea of a repeat watch.