Monday, 27 July 2009

Dead Poets Society

Dir: Peter Weir
Starring: Robin Williams, That guy from House, and Ethan Hawkeye

I'm gonna let you in on a secret about Narry Borman's life: He's a teacher. He teaches you all about good and bad films, and he also teaches English to earn a living and support his blog writing.

Robin Williams is also a teacher in Dead Poets Society. In fact, he's about the best darn teacher I've seen on the big screen. In a very understated (unusual for Williams) way he inspires his students to live and, ultimately, die.

I don't think any other film has as potent and vital a message delivered in such a worthy and selfless way as DPS. It's littered with quotable lines and iconic moments. The students are really rather naive but they're sincere, which is kind of likable.

Probably my favourite 80's coming of age film.



  1. The movie is one of my favorites. it has so many points to recommend.
    for the first time i saw it, i put that sentence on my notebook, I mean "Seize the day"
    and later, every time i catch sight of it, it can really inspire me.
    and the last scene, "O Captain my Captain" it made me cry every time.

  2. Narry Borman also found that sense of inspiration! Unfortunately, it had gone by the next day, and I'm fated squander the rest of my life, I fear.