Sunday, 24 May 2009

V for Vendetta (Narry B's Review)

Dir: James McTiegue
Starring: Hugo Weaving, Natalie Portman

After reading Smaltz's review of this 'modern classic' I was a bit 'McTiegued' (cockney rhyming for 'intrigued'). But it really was rather good!

At first you think, 'Hold on, this is just Batman!', but it quickly proves itself to be actually quite different. V is a fairly serious film, and makes a lot of salient points about the conflict of religion and politics.

The English setting was refreshing for a superhero film (of sorts), and generally it was pulled off quite well - I only cringed twice throughout the film. One was when they tried to be too English, the other cringe was for V and Portman's sloppy dialog when it came to their romance. That was truly dire.

V: "I... think... that..."
Ev "V, what is it?!"
V: "I... would you... join me for an egg on toast?"
Ev: "Oh! V!"

Forget about that, though, cos V is actually a storming film. As Smaltz pointed out, it has some nice eccentric touches, and the action is really well done, too.

Portman tries her best, but as she herself says in the "touching" scene where she tells us about her life story: 'I always wanted to act'. And we all want you to act as well, dear.

Rating: Top Work!

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