Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Way, Way Back

This John Hughes-ish poster is pretty apt
Dir: Fat Noxon, Jim's Rash
Starring: Steve Carousel, Sam Rockwell

Written and directed by Community man Jim Rash, and starring a whole heap of familiar but underrated figures, The Way Way Back was a really pleasantly goodly film that NB enjoyed muchly.

It's hard to balance a story of angsty teenager with comedy stylings that appeal to older people, but by gawd they've done it. Sam Rockwell brings most of the comedy with his rat-a-tat delivery of one liners, although there's a kind of Mike Leigh-esque humour to the whole thing as everyone's lives fall apart while the angsty teenager builds his life in secret.

There's something unconventional about The Way Way Back... NB found himself expecting the nerdy teen to have some kind of hidden talent, to show some kind of incredible passion for something that he'd kept hidden... but the fact is that he is just a normal chap, nothing special about him. That was pretty refreshing. No incredible revelations. No secret nun-chuk skills. Just a dude growing up.

Well, go find out for yourself. Recommended!

Rating: Top Work

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