Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Place Beyond the Pines

Dir: Derek Cianfrancisco
Starring: Ryan Gooseling, Bradley "smugface" Cooper, Eva Menthols

This film brings to Narry Borman's mind the many cheesy lines in the history of American popular music culture about how "children are the future", how we should "save the children", and "children in need." For Place Beyond the Pines show in stark detail how the poor choices of two fathers conspire to ruin their children's lives further down the line.

In telling this story, Director Derek has used some nice techniques rarely seen in such a major hollywood production - the story is told in three parts, for example, and (SPOILER!) the supposed main character is killed at the end of the first part. Shocking.

As with so many Hollywood productions, PBtP suffers from introducing too many characters, and in the end some of even the main characters come off a little two-dimensional, even if you're watching it in 3d (ba-tum-tish).

Rating: Good

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