Friday, 9 August 2013

Watchmen (Smaltz speaks...)

Dir: Zack Snyder
Starring: Malin Akerman
Rating: Average

This is the first in a triage of snappy ‘week off work’ reviews.

What to say about Watchmen…enigmatic, political. How about nasty, confusing and worst of all a bit boring. I’ve not read the graphic novel so I’m reviewing the film on its own and I’m afraid we didn’t click.

I like some of its ideas, namely a world where everyday people decided to become costume heroes to try and restore justice, and Dr Manhatten, a real 1950’s creation, being born from an atomic lab accident only here he’s taken further as he starts to become less and less human so no longer really cares about our world. Unfortunately it’s all very long and I must admit I got bored to the point I had a race on F1 2012, coming back for the last 25 minutes which I have to say I rather enjoyed. Things seemed to be moving finally and the morally questionable ending is definitely not the norm and it leaves the film in an interesting place.

The real problems seem to be that there is no emotional involvement at all and that there is no backbone to the violence and nastiness. Case in point The Comedian.

The film starts with his death and then goes back into his story for a while. Thing is after seeing a couple of the horrible things he’s done I didn’t care who’d killed him but was kind of pleased he was dead. Later when he breaks down and has a change of heart I still didn’t care. Even by the end and after the atrocity that happens I wasn’t really that involved. There’s nothing to draw you in, no character to care for just some interesting visuals and ideas stretched out over two hours and forty minutes.

What’s really worrying is that after the film I had to go to Wikipedia and read the plot which is not something I’ve had to do before. Now maybe that’s my fault for drifting away from the film but I’ve read other reviews where the reviewer had a similar problem.

I’m hoping I’ll come back to it in a few years’ time and realise I was completely wrong…we’ll see.

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