Monday, 28 January 2013

The Rutles: All You Need is Cash / Can't Buy Me Lunch

Dir: Eric Idle
Starring: Neil Innes, Eric Idle, Ricky Fatar, etc.

Eric Idle... a man after my own milk. But The Rutles would be nothing without Neil Innes. It's the music that makes this ridiculous film or two credible, after all. In fact, Bazza N would go so far to say that once you've heard how closely The Beatles can be mimicked, you start to prefer The Rutles.

The first Rutles film is a work of staggering beauty - it's stupid, clever, and fun. Cameos from Bill Murray and John Belushi, among others, keep the viewer hooked.

The second film is a simple rehash of the first, but with interviews of celebrities "inspired" by The Rutles  - which vary massively in quality - interspersed with footage from the first film.

Once you've heard Cheese and Onions, you can never go back.

Rating: Top Work / Good

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