Friday, 6 November 2009

Toy Story

Dir: John Lassetter
Starring: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen
Year: 1995

Has it been almost 15 years already?! I remember the release of Toy Story like it was yesterday, but in Narry Borman's 724 year-long life (and counting), 15 years is a mere blip.

NB's going through something of a Disney phase right now. I find it it purifying. Animation (generally) doesn't disturb you, but it does entertain you. In particular, the works of Ghibli and Disney are obvious but unbeatable selections in the world of cartoon creations.

Anyway, Toy Story is probably about the biggest/most popular Disney film ever (or is that The Lion King? tough call). This is my first viewing since I saw it on release.

Generally, it's held up well, although massive advances in computer graphics technology have left Toy Story looking a bit ropy in places (especially when compared with last week's film, Wall-E).

The story and script also had a few dated 90's moments but still makes you laugh and, yes, cry (that's you, Smaltz, you crybaby), and it certainly hasn't lost that indefinable Disney magic.

NB's taste tends to verge towards the handdrawn animation of Disney rather than the computer generated stuff, which is comparitively lacking in soul if you ask me. All the same, Toy Story is...


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