Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Dir: Hayao Miyazaki

Narry B has been around the block a few times. He grew up on the streets. He's now sickened by the constant repetition of useless opinion that fills the internet. Where does this idea of mass opinion come from?

Ponyo is not a) "kid's film", and b) it is not a letdown for Miyazaki. Even if it was a "kid's film" (the very expression make's NB's skin crawl, ironing out the wrinkles on his sagging face), that would be all the more reason to go see it as hopefully it wouldn't have the same amorality and contrivision of "adult films". People better be purifying their hearts, and Ponyo's the way to do it!

It's genius from start to finish. Ponyo is visually sublime, storily captivating and musically entrancing. I don't normally get massively involved in the film, but when watching Ponyo I was moved to shout "Run, Sosuke!", or let out a gasp of shock as the waves tried to encroach him. Ponyo is so powerful that it touched this old man's heart.

As with all made in Japan films, the fact that you have to watch it in the original Japanese is blindingly obvious. Ponyo doesn't bother to explain everything (is that what being a "kid's film" means?) and leaves you in love with life and nature.


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